Morgan Ellis Award

Morgan Ellis was a dear friend and treasured member of Big Bad Con who died in 2021. Morgan brought out the absolute best in people. That is part of what made him such a good GM, he always found a spotlight to help his players shine. Morgan’s graciousness extended well beyond the game table. He celebrated people for who they are and connected people together based on whatever interests they shared, no matter how obscure.

Morgan will continue on in our memories of him. Big Bad Online 2021 and Big Bad Con 2022 were dedicated in his honor. We also created an award in his name, the Big Bad Morgan Ellis Award (or BigBad-ME!)

This award goes to folks who have gone above and beyond to support Big Bad Con, but more importantly to help the con grow and welcome new folks into the community. We would normally give this award to a one or two people, but when we created it we had 10 years of backlog to make up so in 2021 we gave the award to 10 very deserving recipients.

A note here: There are so many rangers, coordinators, and other Big Bad staff members that we wanted to give this award to. While we’re not including any of the BBC staff, they all deserve incredible accolades for the countless hours, endless cheer, and dedication they have and continue to show.

2021 Big Bad Morgan Ellis awards winners:

  • Bryanna Hitchcock
  • Jahmal “Mad Jay” Brown
  • Carl Rigney
  • Ajit George
  • Jason Morningstar
  • April Padilla
  • Banana Chan
  • Meguey Baker
  • Megan Tolentino
  • Aser Tolentino

2022 Big Bad Morgan Ellis award winners:

  • Hamish Cameron
  • Pam Punzalan

2023 Big Bad Morgan Ellis award winners:

  • Elise Rezendes
  • Poorna Mazumdar

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