The State of Game Design in Aotearoa NZ

Date: Oct 24, 2021 1:10 am
Duration: 0:50 hrs
Jamie Sands, Mike Sands, Cam Banks, Dylan Horrocks
Speaker headshots
As everyone knows, New Zealand is a place in Europe (just a little left of Austria) famous for hobbits, a ban on home gardens, being a #hellhole, and shitposting on Twitter. But seriously though, if you’ve ever wondered what we are up to over here, what we actively explore in our games and what we leave out, then this is the panel for you! Find out about the cool games we’re making, why we don’t usually include our own country in those games, and why we mostly focus on overseas media ideas, gender, social issues! Plus, if you’re a kiwi (or if you’re not, but you live among us hiding from the Marmite) and we somehow haven’t met yet (it’s Steve’s fault for not introducing us, I’m sure), pop in and say hi and find out how we can fix that.

  • Cam Banks (he/him) is an Auckland-born Kiwi tabletop game designer, author, and producer. After 22 years in the United States where he began his career in TTRPGs, he returned to New Zealand in 2018 to make a better life for his American wife and kids. Cam is currently the creative director for Fandom Tabletop’s Cortex RPG product line. Follow him on Twitter @boymonster for daily nonsense.

  • Dylan Horrocks (he/him): Cartoonist and writer, author of the graphic novels Hicksville and Sam Zabel & the Magic Pen, now teaching at Te Herenga Waka | Victoria University of Wellington School of Design Innovation. Has played RPGs since 1980 and is currently working on a PhD involving games, as well as supervising a number of student RPG design projects. Website: Twitter: @dylanhorrocks

  • Jamie Sands (they/them) grew up in Wellington, New Zealand, and has been roleplaying since their big brother Mike showed them what it was all about in 1994. Their fiction covers Romantic Comedy, Horror, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy and Cosy Mysteries. They have self-published a number of novels and roleplaying games. They live in Auckland and work part time as an agile coach.  Follow them on Twitter @jamiesandsbooks

  • Mike Sands (he/him): Author of Monster of the Week and a few other games–Heavy Metal Aeons, Three Dooms, The Natural Philosophers. I’ve been playing RPGs for about 40 years. You can find out about my games at and follow me on twitter at @GenericGamesNZ.

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