The Heart of Games: Designing, embodying, and celebrating emotions in TTRPGs

Date: Oct 23, 2021 9:10 pm
Duration: 0:50 hrs
Jamila Nedjadi, Kristin Devine, Connie Chang, jay dragon
Speaker headshots
In recent years indie game designers, actual play streamers, and more gaming tables are incorporating and centering emotions that drive great games. Our panelists will discuss how they make games, run games, and play games that tap into emotions and where we're headed in the future.

  • Connie Chang (they/he/she) is a queer, 1.5-gen Chinese-American actual play GM, game designer, and screenwriter. She has had the pleasure of working with Wizards of the Coast, Skybound Entertaniment, Magpie Games, the Glass Cannon Network, Gen Con 2021, and more in those capacities. They're the GM and Creative Director behind Transplanar RPG, an all-transgender, people of color-led D&D campaign. Follow him on Twitter at @byconniechang.

  • Jamila R. Nedjadi (they/he) is a non-binary himbo of the TTRPG indie space, cheering on BIMPOC and queer folks! He's a prolific game designer, and his games include BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home which was nominated for the IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award for best setting, and Apocalypse Keys which will be published through Evil Hat Productions. Jammi is also one of the co-hosts for The Gauntlet Podcasts, where folks chat about the indie games they've played in the Gauntlet community.

  • Jay Dragon (no pronouns) is a queer game designer in the Hudson Valley and editorial director at Possum Creek Games. Jay creates games about community, liminality, recovery, and the magic of the mundane. Jay is best known for Wanderhome, a pastoral fantasy TTRPG about traveling animal folk that debuted on Kickstarter last year.

  • Kristin Devine (sher/her) is a queer, multiracial designer, writer, streamer, and podcaster in the TTRPG space. As a game designer she is one half of Dice Up Games, where she and her partner make TTRPGs such as North Sea Epilogues and Truth and Daring. As a writer, Kristin has written for many games, such as Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, Arium, Kids on Bikes, and Court of Blades. She is the host of the Table Top Crowd interview podcast on Geekspective Network and a co-host for They're A Super Geek on Misdirected Mark. You can follow them on Twitter @KristinIsNoJedi.

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