The Birth of the Dicey Amazons

Date: May 6, 2022 11:10 pm (PST)
Duration: 0:50
Kandi J. Williams, Cristi Marascio, Pie
Speaker headshots
The Dicey Amazons are a cohort (pinkies in the air) of all Women of Color and Non-binary People of Color that work to increase the visibility of marginalized people in gaming and other nerdy pursuits through TTRPG, video & board game, and nerdy talk show streams. Learn more about the members and how the idea for the Dicey Amazons came to life when there wasn't much representation in the content creator industry.

Kandi J. Williams (she/her) is the Black queer nerdy executive producer and GM for the Dicey Amazons Twitch channel. She has a passion for all games (tabletop, board, and video). She also writes and designs TTRPGs and comics. You can find all the things she is up to and the ways to contact her at

Cristi Marascio (she/her) is a Science Educator, Romance book aficionado, Mom, Datanerd, and lover of Tabletop. She’s excited to share her passions and play a game.

Pie (they/them) is a ttrpg admirer and fan for 10+ years. They are currently playing as Reggie in Modern Mythics, a Demigods PBTA game.

Illustrations by Eden Parkinson
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