Rising Tides & Strange Centers: PTRPGs & the Myth of One Space

Date: Oct 23, 2021 7:00 pm
Duration: 1 hrs
Sin Posadas, momatoes, Marielle Ko, Pammu
Speaker headshots
One of the most prevalent (and damaging) myths that creators, publishers, and participants within our industry spaces perpetuate is that there is only one big space, that everyone is a member of one huge family, and that there's only ever one voice for anything: Indie Games, Queer Games, BIMPOC Games. In this panel, designers and community organizers from the Philippines will talk about our own scene — one that's actually about as old as Dungeons & Dragons!: why RPGSEA does things the way it does, what inclusivity, diversity, and intersectionality mean for us, and ways by which everyone can change their language, mindset, and actions in order to decenter our spaces.

Illustrations by Eden Parkinson
Website by Colin Fahrion

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