Localizing RPGs in Portuguese

Date: May 7, 2022 5:10 am (PST)
Duration: 0:50
Cris Viana, Ray Galvão, Rafael Ferreira, Maria do Carmo Zanini
Speaker headshots
Brazilian professionals who publish, translate and design TTRPGs talk about the challenges and particularities of localizing TTRPGs in Portuguse. The discussion will be about all the steps in the localizing process, from text to layout.

Cris Viana (she/her) is a Brazilian Graphic Designer specialized in Editorial Design and Typography. She has been in love with RPGs since high school, and now she works with it, doing layout RPG books for Brazilian publishers and abroad! When she's not working, she plays Arabic percussion, drinks lots of tea, invents crazy makeup to use on RPG streams, and her Changeling Brazilian world-building is famous countrywide and has unofficially been named "Crisverse." You can find her online at www.crisvianastudio.com.br and on Twitter @crislv.

Ray Galvão (she/her) is a full-blown nerd, hardcore feminist and leftist-extremist translator and publisher who will definitly try to insert politics in your game. A big name among RPG feminists in Brazil, she works in Brazilian RPG events live Gen Con In Portuguese and Geleia de RPG, a RPG Jam for women

Rafael Ferreira (he/him) is terrible at talking about himself. In is past lives, this black brazilian "carioca" (from Rio de Janeiro) has worn the hats of lawyer, advertising copywriter and (currently) a journalist/writer/editor. Having dabbled in book editing, he now wants to turn his hand at publishing roleplaying games. Always passionate about the stories we players create and inhabit, he hopes to bring new voices and more diversity to the gaming table.

Maria do Carmo Zanini (she/her) is a Brazilian “text worker” – writer, translator, editor, proofreader, you-name-it-baby. She’s been selling words and “good form” both in English and her native Portuguese since the turn of the century, and she’s worked for some of the major geek publishing houses in Brazil, such as Aleph, Panini, Devir Livraria, Galapagos Jogos, and Meeple BR Jogos. She’s been awarded Diversão Offline’s Goblin de Ouro for Best Translation of a Role-Playing Game for her rendition of Mike Pondsmith’s Castle Falkenstein.

Illustrations by Eden Parkinson
Website by Colin Fahrion

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