From Geek to Super Geek: Behind the Scenes of Running an Actual-Play Livestream

Date: Oct 23, 2021 8:10 pm (PST)
Duration: 0:50
Mariam Ahmad, Jeremy Harper, Kristin Devine, Jess Meier
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They’re a Super Geek is an actual-play livestream that highlights marginalized voices in tabletop RPGs. We feature GMs of marginalized genders and a diverse cast. We are here to take you behind the scenes of running a diverse livestream!

  • Jeremy Harper (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary, multiracial black educator, community organizer, game designer, and roleplay streamer. During their day job, Jeremy teaches educators and administrators how to create more inclusive learning and working environments, and they teach students about the relationships between gender, race, and society. While new to the streaming and design scenes, Jeremy’s love of TTRPGs started back in 1993, when their older brother ran Escape From Zanzer’s Dungeon from the D&D Black Box. In everything they do, Jeremy brings their passion for building safe, inclusive communities where every member has the support they need to be successful.

  • Jess Meier (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary Korean American that you can find producing, performing, and hosting discussions in the TTRPG space. They're one of three Caretakers at Huetopia, as a production/marketing/financial/project manager. They've previously consulted on Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Monte Cook Games' Consent In Gaming. You can follow them on Twitter @Burst0fhope.

  • Kristin Devine (she/her) is a queer, multiracial designer, writer, streamer, and podcaster in the TTRPG space. As a game designer she is one half of Dice Up Games, where she and her partner make TTRPGs such as North Sea Epilogues and Truth and Daring. As a writer, Kristin has written for many games, such as Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, Arium, Kids on Bikes, and Court of Blades. She is the host of the Table Top Crowd interview podcast on Geekspective Network and a co-host for They're A Super Geek on Misdirected Mark. You can follow them on Twitter @KristinIsNoJedi.

  • Mariam Ahmad (they/them) is a queer South Asian writer, streamer, and podcaster within the TRPG scene. Some highlights include writing for Paizo's Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse, Evil Hat's Thirsty Sword Lesbians, GM of Kahaaniyaan on Huetopia, and a co-host for They're A Super Geek on Misdirected Mark. They're currently working on their magnum opus, Sarzameen, a South Asian campaign setting. You can follow them on Twitter @media_junkie.

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