Way of The Wolf

May 18, 2011

Signing up for events is a ways off still, but when we get there, this is how signs ups are going to go down.

Once you've paid your entry fee or been confirmed as a volunteer, you'll sign up online for the games you want to play in. Period. That's it. No shuffler, no submitting choices and waiting months to find out what you're in. Slots will fill up as sign ups are received.

Just like sign ups for Gen Con... only once you've paid the entry fee, the games are free!

Sounds perfect, eh? Yeah, The Wolf thinks this plan of his is pretty great too, but there are some concerns:

What if I miss the date and all the games I want are filled up? Way in advance, The Wolf will be contacting everyone via every means possible (email, Facebook, Twitter, grandma) to let you know when sign ups open, so you'll have plenty of time to check the event schedule beforehand.

What if I still don't get into games I want? At the con, besides socializing with fellow awesome gamers, there are going to be plenty of events off the schedule including open gaming, A Taste Of... (game demos), and Games on Demand. So Mr. Wolf? How will it work? Easy as catching Little Red. Once events are open, the Events page will change and have a nifty little sign up button. Assuming you have paid your entry fee or been confirmed as a volunteer, you'll have the option to sign up online and take a seat in the event. It's that easy. The Wolf's programming skills may even include a wait list option, but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves... that's how we end up in the little pig's fire.

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.