Pickup Games at Big Bad Con

Aug 16, 2011

Open Gaming

The Wolf has plenty of scheduled games in the line up, but that's not all, he's opened up the Black Forest for games of all shapes and sizes in open gaming.

The Hilton Empire room is our, all ours. 1,248 square feet of open gaming all con long.  Pick RPGs, board games, card games, anything you want to bring.

The Big Bad Staff will be on hand with a white board and twitter, acting as a matchmakers for folks looking for a game.  Make sure to follow @BigBadCon so you can keep appraised of events as they pop up at the con.

What folks said about open gaming in the past: "I'm pretty much planting myself in open gaming, with a sign, when I'm not running my events." - Leonard Balsera

"I plan on bringing some cool games like Fiasco and Dungeon world to run 'on demand' in open gaming" - Chris Bennett

"Because of the nature of In A Wicked Age, I'd be willing to run follow-up games (chapters) if any of the players wish to. This may happen within my slot or perhaps during later free-play. " - Jesse Coombs

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.