New World Magischola House Rivalry

Sep 20, 2017

soledad longNew World Magischola is four-day, three-night premiere wizarding larp on the East Coast. The universe of Magimundi is packed full of wizards, mages, magical creatures, and unique traditions.

How can Little Red and The Wolf get a chance to play in this magical world? Glad you asked...

New World Magischola at Big Bad Con

Interested in getting a taste of NWM and a chance to get an exclusive promo card for NWM's new card game, House Rivalry? Check out the NWM games we've got on the roster:


A Wolf By Any Other Name (Saturday 2pm - 6pm)

The Search for Snow Dragon (Sunday 9am - 1pm)

Board Games:

New World Magischola House Rivalry (Saturday 9am - 11am)

New World Magischola House Rivalry (Sunday 2pm - 4pm)

New World Magischola House Rivalry (Sunday 4pm - 6pm)

New World Magischola in Kickstarter

The House Rivalry Kickstarter just launched and it's already blazing away! House Rivalry is a competitive card game for 2-5 players that transports you to the start of the semester at New World Magischola, North America’s premier college of wizardry. Start your journey by selecting a unique character, and choose your House. Then set out to complete your studies by attending class, casting spells, fighting monsters, and competing against rival students for the glory of the First House Cup!

Illustration of Little Red

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