Big Bad Con 2022 - October 27-30

May 1, 2022


While we’re keeping our focus on Big Bad Online until it wraps up, we’re also planning for Big Bad Con to return in person on October 27-30, 2022.

COVID safety

Our highest priority in returning is addressing how we can do it as safely as possible. We know that no matter what precautions we take, we cannot eliminate risk of COVID or other airborne pathogens completely, however here’s the steps we’re taking toward mitigation:

  • Requiring masks in all event spaces including our private game rooms.
  • Requiring that all attendees be fully vaccinated.
  • Asking that all attendees take a test before attending.
  • Hosting events where possible in the outdoor pavilion or the open air atrium.
  • The Hyatt ventilation systems meet and exceed industrial filtration requirements: MERV-8 in public spaces and MERV-10 in sleeping/gaming rooms.

Additionally the con will be providing free Big Bad Con branded KN95 masks for all attendees and rapid tests on request.

Keeping ourselves and each other safe is part of our community standards of respect, support, and kindness. We know that risk tolerances are different for everyone, so what might seem like overkill to one person, might still not be enough for others. We’re looking out for our most vulnerable attendees. Together, we believe we can host a wonderful event


We’re moving to the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport hotel this year. The space is vastly larger than our previous location which means a lot more space for all of us now, and room to grow in the future. We also love that they have a giant open atrium and an outdoor pavilion.

The hotel is working with us on safety precautions as well. Though we cannot control the actions of other hotel guests outside our event spaces, they know of our policies and will support us by having all of their staff adhere to them.

Hotel reservations will be available when we start our crowdfunding in June.

Website event submission and sign up

Once we’ve wrapped up Big Bad Online we’ll revamp the site to allow game submission and volunteer sign ups, as well as including more information about the con itself!


We’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign in June to offer badges, room dedication, online games, scholarship contributions, and other rewards. The crowdfunding will also help us bring out stretch goal guests to the con!

PoC Programming

We’re continuing our PoC Programming track including a dedicated scholarship, dinner, and meet & greet industry event. This year we’re also working towards bringing more international guests. For more, see POC Programming at Big Bad Con 2022.

Will it be hosted online?

Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to add an online component to the in person con. Last year we realized that hosting an event online takes just as much volunteer work and organizing as an in person event, and that trying to run them both at once would require doubling our team. In order to make both events possible, we’ve split the year up, so we’re running Big Bad Online May 6-7 and Big Bad Con October 27-30.

What’s Next?

Until May 6-7, we’re continuing to focus on Big Bad Online. Once that is complete, we’ll shift gears to putting on Big Bad Con. If you have any questions, please send them over to

We’re so excited about the possibility of seeing folks in person again. We know that for many reasons it won’t be possible for everyone who wants to attend to make it out, and we’ll keep working towards making the con more accessible in the future.

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.