2014 Loot! - Pins!

Oct 3, 2014

Pins_01!Pins! Yes, The Wolf loves his pins! Can you blame him. They have shiny all over the front and secret sharp point bits in the back! Here's the list of this year's pins and how you get them!

Welcome To Big Bad Con - You get one just for showing up and having fun!

Volunteer - For all our lovely Wolf Pack members who are running registration, working the "Tell Me About Your Character" booth, or hosting Games on Demand.

CONtributor - For all the GMs that could have gotten a badge free but paid for one anyway, or the players that chipped in extra, all to make the extra private rooms possible!

Wearing An Evil Hat - For the GMs that run games in the Evil Hat room. Thanks Hatters!

Donating to ACCFB - Just like it sounds. Bring a can of beans, help feel folks in Alameda County, get a pin!

Howl of the Wolf - For all the folks that passed out fliers at their local (and sometimes not so local) conventions.

Burning All Con Long - For the GMs that are running games in the Burning Wheel room.

Staff Rocks - Yeah they do. Thanks Kristin, Katie, Eric, and Devon!

GM - GMs, you're what makes this con happen. Thanks for all your awesome games!

GM Rockstar - For GMs that run three (3) or more games!

Tell Me About Your Character - Donate $5 to DWB, tells us about your character for 5 minutes, and get a pin!

Big Bad GM Contestant - For Brian, Bryan, Sam, and Colin, the contestants in Big Bad GM 2014!

Big Bad GM Judge - Hey Mike, Matt, Ezra, and Shaun... yer awesome!

Big Bad GM - The one and only. This one goes to the winner of our Big Bad GM competition!

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.