Games on Demand

Don’t have any games scheduled but want to play something? Then stop on into the Big Bad Games On Demand room! Games start every two hours, with periodic breaks to give our GMs a rest between games.

Games on Demand Start Times

Friday: 2PM, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM
Saturday: 9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 4PM, 8PM, 10PM
Sunday: 9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 4PM

Please swing by a 10 minutes before games start to talk with an Games on Demand host so they know you want to play in a game. You’ll get to select a game from the available list once the session starts.

Big Bad Con 2016 GoD Games and GMs

Game Master Game System #1 Game System #2
Edmund Metheny Call of Cathulhu
Cats are the secret allies of humanity in the fight against cosmic horror
Mr. Stinky’s Neighborhood (Fate Accelerated)
Can the neighborhood cats help Mister Stinky, a romantic skunk, before Animal Control arrives?
Noam Rosen Fall of Magic
a collaborative story fantasy game using an elegant handmade scroll
World of Dungeons
Streamlined rules and quick play with an old school retro dungeon action
Demian Luper The Sprawl (PbtA)
Hardbitten gritty cyberpunks against powerful megacorps
Cartel (PbtA)
Cocineros (drug cooks), narcos (druglords), sicarios (hitmen) and more caught up in the Sinaloa Cartel
Charles Picard Spirit of 77 (PbtA)
Two-fisted action in a fantastically turbo-charged dream of 1970s funkiness
Death of the Gilded Age
An art nouveau fiction game… It’s the last great party, thrown by the last great host of the age
Justin Nelson The Quiet Year
A post-apocalyptic community trying to build something good before the Frost Shepherds arrive
Fall of Magic
A collaborative story game using an elegant handmade scroll to tell a story in a fantasy world where magic is dying
Adrienne Mueller Swords Without Master
Rogues in a world of swords and sorcery plunging into the unknown, in search of untold treasures
Knights of the Order of the Stars, beholden by ancient oaths to serve the stars and protect their people
Mike Murray Parsley
An old-school, text-based adventure puzzle game, without the computer!
Magical Fury (PbtA)
In a past life you were a magical girl — will you learn about your magical past and what happens when you do?
Thom Hall The Black Hack
Delve into the Gnomish Mines — encounters and monsters taken from the source code of nethack
The Black Hack
Explore Sokoban — encounters and monsters taken from the source code of nethack
Colin Jessup Blades In The Dark
Thieves committing daring heists in a ghost haunted fantasy industrial city
Tears & Kisses In The Rain (PbtA)
Rock n roll cyberpunk game of love and standing against The Man
Alan Scott MonsterHearts
A game of teenage monsters where the real horror is that you are teenagers
Masks: A New Generation
Fourth generation young adult superheroes figuring out who they are and what kind of heroes they want to be
Andy Munich Legend of the Elements
A dramatic tale of wuxia action, inspired by some of the greatest anima of our generation
Dread: Player’s Choice
A game using Jenga tower instead of dice — players choose the genre and then get ready for a fun intense game
James Mendez Hodes Shinobigami
The World of Shadows where mysterious ninja clans fight in an ongoing hidden cold war
Katanas & Trenchcoats
Sword-wielding immortals fighting amongst themselves and against vampires, werebeasts, ghosts, technomages, and more!
Justin Evans Unaussprechlichen Klutzen (Fiasco)
All you wanted was to impress the cute redhead from the coffee shop. Several ancient texts later…
Ribbons (Fate Core)
A story of sacrifice and corruption, a cult and entering into a pact with an unknown Familiar.
Zed Lopez Fiasco
You may not get what you want, but just maybe you’ll get what you deserve
A Penny for Your Thoughts
Amnesiac patients at the Orphic Instititute undergoing radical therapy to help each other remember who you are
Brian “Cook Geek” Vo Dungeon World
Lord Harold Farthy Don Bloos-swell has chosen you to deliver a love letter to the Countess Branda
Apocalypse World
Hordes of drifters are descending on it to stake their claim a newly discovered troutweasel burrowlake
Tobias S. Jinkies! (PbtA)
Goons in ghost masks?  Check.  Animal sidekicks?  Check.  A flimsy premise for adventure?  Check.
Jinkies! (PbtA)
Goons in ghost masks?  Check.  Animal sidekicks?  Check.  A flimsy premise for adventure?  Check.
Cherry Picked Games Catalyst
Our world is crumbling. Demons have invaded bringing with them war, plague, and dark magic. Can you and your fellow human survivors survive?
Politics, backroom deals, and deceit. As shadowy conspirators, you must bluff, negotiate, and betray your way to the top.
Christian Griffen Meridian
Journey on an exploration of imagination beyond our own reality to Meridian, a dreamlike kaleidoscopic city
Dictionary of Mu (Sorcerer)
Marr’d, a blasted planet in a distant future where refugees from dying worlds make pacts with demons to survive in the brutal wastes
Chris Rutkowsky BASH! Ultimate Edition
The world is in peril! Stop the doomsday device… before it’s too late!
BASH! Fantasy: Legends of Steel
You have entered the long-forgotten pyramid of EsRevNi. Can your stalwart adventurers get the scepter… and get out alive?
Alex Roberts Hot Guys Making Out
Hot Guys Making Out is about the relationship between Honoré, a former nobleman, and Gonsalvo, his ward. They are both totally gorgeous and have the hots for each other.
A game of romance, honor and tragedy in Sengoku period Japan.

* PbtA = Powered by the Apocalypse, a game which uses a variant of the Apocalypse World game engine

GoD GM Guidelines

Please arrive a 10 minutes before your scheduled time to let the Games on Demand host know you’re there and ready to run your games (if any changes need to be made, they can do so there).

If your slot does not fill, feel free to wander the con, or jump into another GoD game, but stay accessible to the host either by being in the room or leaving your cell number, twitter name, or other means of getting in touch with you should players show up mid-slot looking for a game.

Your games should end 10 minutes before the next slot to make sure the table is clear and ready for the next game.