“Tell me MORE about your character!”

portraitsWe’re delighted to announce that this year, we will have an even livelier “Tell Me About Your Character” booth, with an artist-in-residence.

Joining the “Tell Me About Your Character” booth is Sandy Jacobs-Tolle, who will draw a portrait of your character as you describe their noble (or ignoble) exploits! You’ll be able to keep the finished drawing at the end of the session, and your donation for the session goes entirely to Doctors Without Borders.

Sandy is an illustrator whose portfolio and published work history can be found at https://racerxmachina.artstation.com/. She will be present to draw characters portraits for four hours each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Specific times will be posted at the convention.

Note: The art piece you will receive from Sandy is for personal use only.


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