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Big Bad Con 2012 was awesome. Or it least that is what s/he said…









Hello Devon and Sean,
First, thank you for another Fantastic BigBadCon. We had a blast!
Second, thank you for the support for our TFOS LARP. We had great time doing it. A great crew and a great cast of players equals big fun.
We’ll be back for BigBadCon 3.

– Greg Wirth

Hey Sean,

Thanks so much for Big Bad Con! This was actually my first gaming con, and I definitely had a blast. I wanted to thank both you and the other Big Bad staff for being really welcoming, which was particularly nice for someone like me who didn’t know a single person at the con.

– Jamil Walker

Hey Sean,

First man, excellent con even better than last year. Alan joked last nite that this con is like the Harvard of roleplaying cons and that hits it on the head. Every game I was in was filled with engaged players with a wide range of play experience that all came to really play- your con is my fave of the year.

– Aaron Beagle

Thanks for running such an awesome con! I’m pleased to hear the feedback was positive.

– Carl Rigney

It was a great con, pretty much the same solid experience as last year, but with the added awesome of private rooms for some games.

– Gil Treviso

BBC 2012 was a good end to the convention season for me. I had a blast the entire time, and I hope I can keep my head up while working on next year’s conventions.

– Rich Taylor

As stated previously on my FB wall this has been the best con so far for 2012. I’m sure this will make my other “con children” jealous and BBC will end up getting beat up in the hallways when I’m not around to supervise but there you have it. Why was it so badass? I suspect it was a combination of Sean and his staff being able to cater to individual needs of various groups as well as the fact that never before have I seen so many high quality GMs at one convention. I mean, GMs who are known for attending only one particular con in a given year were also attending BBC. Private rooms for the more cerebral games (pretty much where I was after Friday afternoon) made the experience even better than last year.

– Shannon Mac

BBC 2012 was all kinds of awesome. Already amped for BBC 2013. Bring it!

– Matt Steele

I must agree with the comments that this was a great con, and possibly my favorite this year. Especially since at every other con this year I was with friends who were pulling me in different directions. But also, the thing I enjoy most about conventions is trying out new games systems and playing in interesting stories. I think every game I played at the con was a new system to me. The GM’s were great, and the players made every game I played in and ran, extremely fun.

– Mateo Chamberlain

At the front end, I want to give a shout-out to Sean, both from me and my daughter Kendra. Strictly in our roles as observers of con operations, this was a well-organized, friendly con, with excellent staff attitude. Our one critical comment is that the signage was deficient, especially outside the con spaces proper. Overall, this was an extraordinarily well-thought-out operation for being so new, and improved from last year.

It’s pretty clear that the hallmark of this con is that it draws very, very good players. This is going to be on my calendar in the future.

– Mark Shynert

If I only attend one con next year it will be BBC.

– Daniel Hodges

Hey Sean, I wanted to write and say that Kristi and I had a fantastic time at Big Bad Con. We are looking forward to next year already and will definitely be there to volunteer again as well. The paranoia game hosted by Ezra Denney “The Complex Men” was a hoot and I hope you will invite him back again next year. the Games on Demand mechanism works wonderfully and the just overall relaxed worry free environment was delightful. Keep it up!

– Thom Hall

Pleasure gaming with you this evening! The Con was a fantastic production, and as I said, I am extremely glad we have something like this in the Bay Area now.

– J Li

Hey you tidal wave of a human,

thanks for an amazing weekend – this was truly a con like no other. I am reeling, everything was so, so amazing – and i have the new friends and beautiful memories to prove it.

– Jackson Tegu

Seriously pumped about this year’s con. So glad y’all are making it happen. I can’t begin to tell you how connected and at home I felt last year.

– Dylan Nix








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