You will be judged!

Leonard BalseraIn the 11th hour of Big Bad GM, there is but one man who could fill the the judges shoes and take the final seat at the judges table.

One man who knows Fate inside and out, because, frankly – he helped write the damn thing. Please welcome Leonard Balsera, lead system developer of the Dresden Files RPG and writer for Spirit of the Century, as the fourth Big Bad Judge.

If there is a way to run Fate, he’s tried it. If there’s a Fate hack for a quirky high concept, he’s done it. If there’s a dirty trick that Fate can pull, he can make it dirtier. His collection of Fate system notes could kill a man or stop a bullet, perhaps at the same time. Evil Hat is wise to keep his mind distracted by drop-shipments of booze and Legos, lest he try to take Fate and conquer the planet. Leonard Balsera is coming, from the depths of Sin City, to test the mettle of the best Fate GMs as only one of its developers can. Be warned GMs, you will be judged!

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