Welcome to Big Bad Con!

We’re currently in the planning stages of making Big Bad Con 2019 the best ever. Here’s a few things in the works:

Staff updates

Jenn Martin has joined us as the new LARP Coordinator. Anne Faye has joined as our accessibility coordinator. DC has joined to work on developing our scholarship further. More about this on our staff page.

Kicktarter planning

We’re getting ready for the 2019 Kickstarter, which should launch in late April or early May.

Scholarship open now!

If you’re inclined to help folks attend the con, we’re accepting contributions to the scholarship fund now!

Looking for volunteers.

Would you like to join the Big Bad Con Rangers? We’d love to have you. We’re looking for folks to help registration desk, games on demand hosting, greeting guests, organizing the board game room, and working the Tell Me About Your Character booth! Head over Join the Rangers!

Big Bad Blog

Going Public!

As this is the first live post, welcome!

Here’s the plan. I’m going to put on an awesome three day con next year (October 7-9, 2011). I’m starting small (looking for 200 attendees) and will focus on RPGs and LARPs. So far the support I’ve received from friends, other convention hosts, hotels and retail Read More

Announcing Big Bad Con

Big Bad Con (Oct 7-9, 2011) is coming to Oakland for three awesome days of gaming!  Sign up now! These dudes are!