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Howl of The Wolf


As Kublacon approaches, The Wolf wants to deputize fellow gamers to spread the “Howl of The Wolf”.   In exchange, you get to be part of the con (listed in the credits as an advertiser), get a shiny “Howl of The Wolf” pin, and if you’re a Facebook user, get a matching “Howl of Read More

A Champion is Declared

The Wolf is bringing this update to you fashionably late.

The GM formerly know as Mike Bogan, aka, The Ultimate Superfly TNT Dolemite GM Ninja of All Time reigned supreme at the EndGame GM Throwdown on April 30th.

Beware challengers, this is the GM you’ve got to face to claim the title of Big Read More

Big Bad GM – Who is the Biggest, Baddest GM in the Land?

This October, the Wolf has invited everyone to Grandmother’s house to play, but four will compete to prove which game master is the Biggest, Baddest GM in the land! Our four hand-picked GM’s will compete in the GMing event of the year.

Using only the FATE system and three mystery game ingredients consisting of Read More

BigBadCon’s Big Bad Event: “Gazebo Deathmatch”

A terrible and mighty Gazebo lairs on the grounds of the Oakland Airport Hilton, terrifying in its silent mockery of all life… dare to face the Gazebo, and great prizes will be yours. Read More

“Want to game?”

What I believe?

There is a euphoria I experienced the first time I went to a con.  It was KublaCon 2003, I believe their first or second year at the Hyatt.  I walked down those lobby steps and felt a flood excitement wash over me.  This was the place I belonged.  This was a Read More