Games On Demand 2018

Here is a list of our Games on Demand offerings this year.

GM Game When
 Aaron Reed  Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen Saturday 2-6pm
 vs. Ghosts
 Adrienne Mueller  Love in the Time of Seið Saturday 8pm-midnight
 Alan Scott  Urban Shadows Friday 8pm-midnight,
Saturday 2-6pm,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Monsterhearts 2
 Shasta Weird (Cortex Prime)
 Rhapsody of Blood
 Alec Sorensen  Tox: Internship at Ostentus Corp Friday 2-6pm
 Tox: A Missing Piece of Your Soul
 Alexander Guerrero-Randall  World Like Clay Friday 9am-1pm,
Friday 8pm-midnight,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Watch Out! Heartfelt Magical Girl Clash 200++!
 Banana Chan  Dads on Mowers (Kids on Bikes) Saturday 9am-1pm,
Saturday 8pm-midnight
 Spirit Box (Dread)
 Bay Chang  The King is Dead Sunday 2-6pm
 The Quiet Year
 Bernie Elayda  Dread: Die Hard Friday 9am-1pm,
Friday 8pm-midnight
 Dread: Tango and Cash
 Brian Williams  Torg Eternity Saturday 9am-1pm,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Scum and Villainy
 Dale Horstman  Blades in the Dark Saturday 9am-1pm,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Dan Pradanamus  Runequest (Chaosium) Friday 9am-1pm,
Friday 2-6pm
 Warhammer Quest Adventure Card game
 Daniel Bayn  Samsara Friday 2-6pm,
Saturday 2-6pm
 David Schmitt  Blades in the Dark Saturday 2-6pm
 David South  Lasers and Feelings Friday 9am-1pm
 Strain Basic
 ET  The King is Dead Saturday 8pm-midnight,
Sunday 2-6pm
 Apocalypse World
 John Hawkins  Dungeon World Saturday 9am-1pm,
Saturday 2-6pm
 Reality Storm (Fate Accelerated)
Jozy Zim  Masks Friday 2-6pm,
Sunday 2-6pm
 Blades in the Dark
 June Garcia  Monsterhearts 2 Saturday 9am-1pm,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Justin Hamilton  Bluebeard’s Bride (PbtA) Saturday 8pm-midnight,
Sunday 2-6pm
 Tall Pines
 Kevin Leung  One Last Job Saturday 9am-1pm,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Levon Jihanian  Fuck! It’s Dracula Friday 8pm-midnight
 Wardens of the Iron Garden
 M. Reid-Murray  By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan Sunday 9am-1pm,
Sunday 2-6pm
 A Cozy Den
 Matthew Melville  Fall of Magic Friday 9am-1pm,
Friday 2-6pm,
Sunday 9am-1pm
 Warrior Poets
 Meg McGinley  Monster of the Week Friday 8pm-midnight
 Monte Lin  Masks Saturday 2-6pm,
Saturday 8pm-midnight
 Monsterhearts 2
 Nick Hopkins  Star Trek Adventures Friday 8pm-midnight,
Saturday 9am-1pm,
Saturday 8pm-midnight
 Dresden Files Accelerated
 Mouse Guard
 Patrick Brannick  Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands Friday 8pm-midnight,
Saturday 8pm-midnight
 The King is Dead
 Roy Vieira  Dungeon World (Funnel World hack) Friday 9am-1pm
 Weird Wild Wuxia West (Sorcerers and Sellswords hack)
 Sam Dunnewold  The Warren Friday 2-6pm,
Saturday 2-6pm
 Shaun Hayworth  Mouse Guard Saturday 2-6pm
 Sophie Lagacé  The Quiet Year Friday 9am-1pm
 At the Stroke of Midnight
 Spencer Davis  The Hour Between Dog and Wolf Friday 2-6pm,
Saturday 8pm-midnight
 OmegaZone (Fate Accelerated)
 Uprising (Fate)
 Spenser Starke  Icarus Friday 2-6pm,
Saturday 8pm-midnight
 Kids on Brooms (Kids on Bikes)
 W Lee   Follow Friday 2-6pm,
Saturday 2-6pm
 Microscope Chronicle
 Star Wars: Age of Rebellion (The Soul Diamond Job)
 Fate Accelerated (Harry Potter and the Force Awakens)
 Walter German  Dungeon World Sunday 9am-1pm
 YannK  Demiurges Saturday 9am-1pm,
Sunday 2-6pm
 Night Witches
 Yoshi Creelman  Dialect Saturday 9am-1pm,
Saturday 2-6pm
 Good Society