Games on Demand 2015

Offerings for 2015 (full menu with descriptions):

System GM Length Players Format
Microscope Ben Monroe 4 5 games-on-demand
MonsterHearts Kelley Vanda 4 5
Golden Sky Stories Kelley Vanda 4 5
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Demian Luper 4 5
Umlaut: Game of Metal Demian Luper 4 5
Blades in the Dark David Gallo 2 4
Torchbearer David Gallo 2 4
Happy Birthday Robot! Joseph Rossi 2 4
Once Upon A Time Joseph Rossi 2 4
Dungeon World Joseph Rossi 2 5
MonsterHearts Joseph Rossi 2 5
Star Force Colin Fahrion 2 3
LoveInt Colin Fahrion 2 3
Motobushido Edmund Metheny 4 6
OMEGA ZONE (FATE Accelerated) Edmund Metheny 4 6
Companions (Powered by the Apocalypse) Jeremy Tidwell 4 5
Fiasco Jeremy Tidwell 2 5
Monsterhearts Alan Scott 4 5
Urban Shadows Alan Scott 4 5
Fall of Magic Justin Evans 4 4
Mustang Justin Evans 2 4
Through the Breach Jesse Foltz 4 4
A Single Man in Possession of a Good Fortune Kira Magrann 4 4
Strict Machine Kira Magrann 2 4
Bluebeard’s Bride John Stavropoulos 4 4
CyberPunk Fashions & Flashbacks John Stavropoulos 2 4
Dungeon World Justin Hamilton 4 5
Fiasco Justin Hamilton 2 5
Savage Worlds: Sci-Fi Mike Eckert 4 6
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Mike Eckert 4 6
Goblin Quest Kevin Murphy 2 5
Dō: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Kevin Murphy 4 5
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Blades in the Dark stretch goal playtest) Chris Bennett 4 5

How it works

Games on Demand is an awesome addition to Big Bad Con. To make sure we’re all playing nice at Grandma’s house though, The Wolf is going to layout some guidelines here:

For Players

Games On Demand games will start every two hours, with periodic breaks to give our GMs a rest between games. Here the schedule of when games will be starting:

Friday: 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 8PM, 10PM
Saturday: 10AM, 12PM, 3PM, 5PM, 8PM, 10PM
Sunday: 10AM, 12PM, 3PM, 5PM

Please swing by a few minutes before games start to talk with an Games on Demand host so they can get you into a game.

For GMs

Before 9/20, submit games you can run to our Games on Demand menu: Be a GoD

Your Games on Demand schedule will be listed on the master schedule.

Please arrive a 10 minutes before your schedule time to let the Games on Demand host know you’re there and ready to run your games (if any changes need to be made, they can do so there).

If your slot does not fill, feel free to wander the con, or jump into another GoD game, but stay accessible to the host either by being in the room or leaving your cell number, twitter name, or other means of getting in touch with you should players show up mid-slot looking for a game.

Your games should end 10 minutes before he next slot to make sure the table is clear and ready for the next game.

For Hosts

Your Games on Demand schedule will be listed on the master schedule.

Please greet the players and GMs and help games get started.

An hour before a slot opens:

  • Place the menus of GM game offerings on the center table for players to peruse.
  • Assign each GM a table number.
  • Let all prospective players know when the next games will start.

10 minutes before the slot:

  • Verify your GMs are presented and accounted for.
  • Sign players up for games

Here’s an example of the Games on Demand Menus:



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