Young, Gifted, and Black

Young, Gifted, and Black
  • Fri Oct 12, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Sophie Lagacé
  • Misspent Youth
  • X-card, Lines/Veils, Script Change
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“What happens when a group of students from a predominantly Black, inner city public school score highly on a test that propels us to a predominantly white private, suburban boarding school? Will the other students accept us for who we are or will they make stupid ass assumptions about us?

“Will we be able to fit in with them? Do we even want to? Will we have to sacrifice our identities to become more like them or can we plant the seeds of true multiculturalism and make them more like us?”

A Misspent Youth alternate setting written by Misha Bushyager, which I will run with inspiration from Dear White People, The Boondocks, the news cycle, and real life. Misspent Youth is a game about friendship and rebellion. The protagonist you play is called a Youthful Offender (YO), and is a heroic kid between 12 and 17 years old who won’t put up with being oppressed. The antagonist is The Authority.

PG-13, diversity encouraged.

Game tags: Collaborative, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Hijinx, Modern

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