You Don’t Look Like a Geek

  • Fri Oct 13, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Kristine Hassell (M), ToraShae, Jahmal Brown, Brie Sheldon, Tanya DePass
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Mainstream depictions of nerd culture like Big Bang Theory depict geeks as awkward white dudes a lot of the time, erasing the many, many Geeks of Color, female Geeks, Queer and Trans Geeks who have existed just as long as the stereotypical clueless white guys.  Kristine Hassell (M), ToraShae, Jahmal Brown, Brie Sheldon,Tanya DePass. Friday at 8pm.

Note: You don’t need to sign up for the panels ahead of time. Just come in and take any seat available.

WW_KristineHassellKristine Hassell is an innate geek, firebender, writer, and proud Seattleite by way of Texas. She speaks at conventions about the power of representation in media and slogs through hours of TV to ensure those references are on point. For nearly six years, she has inhabited several roles for GeekGirlCon but currently manages Twitter and runs RPGs for the GeekGirlScouts! She co-chairs a local Phở Club and craves legit kolaches in Seattle. If you see her around the convention, say HI! It would make her day!

ToraShaeToraShae is a very blerdy correspondent for where she is a podcaster, vlogger, writer, and more! You can hear her voice on the podcasts she cohosts: BlackGirlNerds, GimmeMoreSugar, ItsLitInColor, and InFrontOfCompany. She also does recaps on BlackGirlNerd’s YouTube channel where she obsesses over Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and her favorite anime! Check her out!

Jahmal TLO PortraitJahmal “Mad Jay” Brown is a freelance game writer. He’s written the upcoming Clockwinders, a World of Adventure for Fate, and currently working on a Cortex Prime Spotlight setting about militarized supers. Outside of gaming he’s a gamer dad, and runs a software company he wishes was a game studio and loves his momma, she doesn’t game… yet.

Brie_sqBrie Sheldon is a designer, writer, blogger, and editor for tabletop RPGs and larps, including Firefly Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim, Bubblegumshoe, Of The Woods: Lonely Games of Imagination, and as editor, Lusus Naturae and Viewscream 2nd Edition. They are primarily a story game player, but also play more traditional games like Shadowrun 3rd Edition. They have written the safety mechanic Script Change, and are currently working on the rural shapeshifter game Turn. Their blog,, features interviews of game designers, players, and other creators, as well as Brie’s thoughts on design and projects.

Tanya_DePassTanya C. DePass is a long time gamer, fangirl, fan-ficcer and spawn point of the #INeedDiverseGames hashtag. She enjoys talking, reading and writing about gaming diversity, feminism, race & racism, fandom as a way of life and many other topics. She often streams on and podcasts over at Fresh Out of Tokens with David Reeves. You can find her on Facebook here (public page) You can contact her via this handy link. #DiversifyYourPanels y’all

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