Writing the Other: Creating Inclusive Characters and Worlds

Writing the Other: Creating Inclusive Characters and Worlds
  • Sun Oct 13, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • K Tempest Bradford
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  • Santa Rosa (53)
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Creating characters that reflect of the diversity of the world and creating worlds that don’t unconsciously replicate colonialist structures and viewpoints is important for both fiction and game writers. But creators often find it difficult to represent people from identities very different from their own (especially marginalized identities) or to recognize the prejudiced ideas passed down to them from their own cultures. This can lead to fear of getting it wrong–horribly, offensively wrong–and, in the face of that, some think it’s better to not even try to create inclusive and representational fiction and games. In truth, it is possible to do this work sensitively and convincingly.

In this workshop we’ll give you tools to get started and resources to help you learn more on your own. The workshop will be hands-on with writing exercises, so bring your laptop or pen and a notebook.

K. Tempest Bradford (she/her) is a science fiction and fantasy writer, writing instructor, media critic, reviewer, and podcaster. Her short fiction has appeared in multiple works including Strange Horizons, PodCastle, Sunspot JungleIn the Shadow of the Towers, and many more. She’s the host of ORIGINality, a podcast about the roots of creative genius, and contributes to several more. When not writing, she teaches classes on writing inclusive fiction through LitReactor and Writing the Other.

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