World-Quest of the Winter Calendar: The World-Shaping 0-Lvl DCC Funnel

World-Quest of the Winter Calendar: The World-Shaping 0-Lvl DCC Funnel
  • Sat Oct 14, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Steve Bean
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The 0-level funnel is the unique DCC RPG character generation system: start with 4 hopelessly outmatched, unskilled peasant characters and strive for one to survive to level up in an adventuring class!

In World-Quest of the Winter Calendar, you and your fellow villagers are out foraging for the winter festival feast when you come upon an old man under attack by a swarm of fiendish creatures. He is the god Laylokan! He bears the Winter Calendar, a vessel containing the Sacred Krytz Mystery. Unfortunately, in making lAylokan’s acquaintance, you have become trapped in the Penumbra, a “space-between-the-worlds.”

There is only one way back. You must explore the Seven Chronicles of the Mystery – a “living morality tale” that was lost to the world eons ago. By entering the tale you’re jumping head first into the Eternal Struggle between Law and Chaos – events like the crafting of an Infernal artifact and the murder of a god. If you can survive the dangers within the tale, Laylokan will have you recount the tale and put forth what you believe to be the moral of the story. Doing so completes a great magical ritual that will restore memory of the tale to the Mortal World, but this working will also rewrite the very nature of your world based on how you interpret the tale!

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