Wolf Run 2018

Wolf Run 2018
  • Sun Oct 14, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
  • Eric Fattig
  • Jogging
  • Looking both ways before we cross roads
  • Lobby (Running)
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Come join us Sunday Morning for the 8th annual Wolf Run, a 3-mile jog / 2-mile walk to raise money for Doctors Without Borders! We start out following a leisurely path to Larkey Park, turn to go past the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, and head back along residential roads to the hotel. There are some gently rolling hills; we’ll try to keep the pace to a mild 10-12 minutes per mile.

Feel like running? Come join us!
Sleepy but want to support anyway: Donate at our Crowdrise page.

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11 comments to Wolf Run 2018

  • Ken Davidson

    Odd question… I’m interested in participating but am not staying at the hotel… Would someone be able to make a shower available after the run?

  • Tomer Gurantz

    I will say as always, I’m super happy there is a physical event option in a weekend of me mostly sitting for 4 hour chunks.

  • Sean Nittner

    It is not a perquisite for this game that you also sign up for the Pack of Strays: Wolf Run later in the day, but it couldn’t hurt. Well, it might actually. But the names!

  • Stephanie Bryant

    Hey, just want to make sure it’s ok if my 18 minute mile pace will also be welcome?

    • Eric Fattig

      Absolutely! The main pack will probably go on at a faster pace, but all paces are welcome. I try to mark the course out in chalk ahead of time so you should be able follow the arrows, barring rain.

  • Gennaro Kukonu

    Where does this event meet? Last year I went to the lobby of the hotel and did not see a discernible group that looked as if they were preparing for a run.

    • Eric Fattig

      Good question. We usually meet in the lobby, but I try to swing through the reg desk area to make sure we don’t miss any folks hanging out down there.

      Last year though we had to cancel the run due to all the smoke. I was keeping an eye on the AQI all weekend hoping it would dip out of the red zone, but it never did. Sorry for not doing a better job of communicating the cancellation.

      • Gennaro K

        Thanks, Eric! At the time I had thought I had missed the group. Now I recall that the air quality was a concern at the time. I am glad you cleared that up for me.

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