Wolf Chase 2012

Wolf Chase 2012
  • Sun Oct 7, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
  • The Wolf
  • Running
  • Not being eaten
  • Very little
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A few people have told The Wolf the’d like to get a little exercise at Big Bad Con. What, is running from your lives so The Wolf doesn’t devour you whole not enough? Well, you got it. This route goes around Martin Jr. Regional Shoreline, so you might have a chance of losing The Wolf in the woods. Check it: http://www.runningmap.com/?id=453517

If getting exercise isn’t enough, Duane O’Brien, aka A Terrible Idea is making a fundraiser out of the event…to give to Doctors without Borders! More ways we can make the con give back! Check it out at http://www.crowdrise.com/runfromthewolf. If you’re going to run this is a great way to get friends and family to contribute the cause even if they aren’t actually coming to the con!

Walking Route

Walking Route (2 Miles)

Walking Welcome: The Wolf get’s tired chasing Little Red all day and night. If your up for getting a little fresh air and some exercise, but running isn’t your, er, speed, have no worries, walking the route is just fine too, and there should be plenty of time to get back, shower (yes please) and be there for your morning games. Here is a shorter walking route: http://www.runningmap.com/?id=455017

STRETCH GOAL: If we get 10 or more people signed up for this event, The Wolf will be there! And he’ll be chasing YOU!


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