Witch of Kieran Slee

DM Dezzy
  • All Ages
  • RPG
System: Cypher System
Date: Sep 29
10:00am (duration 6:00)
Room: 2018 (7)
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 13+
Safety Tools: X-card,Lines/Veils,Open Door Policy
Characters: Provided
"Rausc Kell is cursed.", the old bard says to the entire tavern,  "Those fools from Vörkohz may have conquered the Kell, and brought their thralls to work the stolen land, but they will ne'er tame it."

He takes a long drink from his overfull mug before continuing.

"The druids will not bind this 'Imperial Regaltor' as Taisech. The land will remain cursed unless..", the bard trails off looking back in the direction of the mountain known as Stone Giant's Tusk.

"She chooses to intervene."

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Date: Sep 29
10:00am (duration 6:00)
Spaces: 6

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