Winter’s Children

  • Fri Oct 16, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • William Lee
  • Tremulus
  • Adult themes
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It is November, 1919, and the English village of Ebon Eaves is dying. The Great War robbed the village of its young men. The influenza epidemic robbed the village of its children. Now, the big cities, with promises of employment and independent lives, rob the village of its young women. Ebon Eaves is left with nothing but the old and dying.

As Winter comes to Ebon Eaves, an unearthly terror comes with it. Those left in the village may find there are fates much worse than to quietly fade away.

TREMULUS is a Lovecraftian horror role-playing game based on the Apocalypse World engine.

Tags: Adult themes, Collaborative, Dark, Gore, Graphic Violence, Horror, Investigation, Melancholy, Serious, Sex and Sexuality, Suspenseful

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