Winter is Surely Coming

  • Sun Oct 18, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Kevin Shrapnell
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • PG-13
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Call of Cthulhu 1990’s setting:

A TV crew travel to the beautiful Alaskan wilderness in the fall to film a survival ‘reality’ TV show. The game is focused on the player characters, their personalities and relationships.

  • Vanessa – the director & producer; she is attractive, driven and the de facto leader of the group
  • Nick – cameraman & co-producer; a Hollywood veteran and experienced outside broadcaster
  • Ray – front of camera; British special forces vet and survival specialist
  • Stevie – sound tech & ideas girl; ex-army comms engineer
  • Matt – Alaskan specialist and front of camera; knowledgeable, friendly and desperately short on confidence
  • Marty – Alaskan mountain man; full of vigor, confidence and ego, and he is Matt’s dad

The success of their TV production will be determined by the quality of the footage and voice over that they record.

Of course, everything is not quite as it seems.

Tags: Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, Horror, Investigation, Modern, PG-13, Player antagonism, Serious

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