Who Knew Dying of the Plague Could Be This Much Fun?

Who Knew Dying of the Plague Could Be This Much Fun?
  • Sun Oct 13, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Jeffrey McGrew
  • Funnel World (PbtA)
  • Adult Themes
  • Character death
  • X-card, Open Door policy
  • 576 (28)
  • 4
  • 1 of 6
  • Created at the table



The last thing you recall, you had fallen asleep on the village green after the harvest festival. Now your head is pounding, but you don’t remember drinking that much. What is this place—some sort of pit? Friends and family crowded together in the stench-filled dark. Some unmoving, some awake and frightened. Faint torchlight flickers through the grate covering mouth of the pit, far above. Why are you here? And how to you escape?!?

A ‘Funnel’ game is where you play a typical RPG adventure; however, instead of everyone being heroes with silly things like abilities and skills and hit points, you’re all zero-level randomly-generated peasants who are in WAY over their heads. Instead of a worldly warrior with a sword, you’re a pig-herder with a wheelbarrow who’s never left their village. Don’t get too attached! Every encounter is wildly deadly, but don’t worry, more peasants will be found along the way to give our players another chance to simply survive! Funnel World is a way fun variant of Dungeon World, but it’s so easy to play that no prior experience is needed at all.

Come enjoy this romp of a silly fantasy horror game where everyone is probably gonna die in spectacularly fun ways while trying to ESCAPE THE PLAGUE PITS!

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Combat, Comical, Dark, Drama, Exploration, Fantasy, Gore, Graphic Violence, Hijinx, Horror, Improv, Play to find out, Silly, Suspenseful

4 comments to Who Knew Dying of the Plague Could Be This Much Fun?

  • Jonathan Fearn Badillo

    Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for recommending the Class Warfare expansion/hack for DW.

  • Jeffrey McGrew

    Works for me if everyone else is cool with it, just know that I’m likely to be making sudden loud noises at times depending on what’s happening in game, and that I will most likely (hopefully!) be using some rather gruesome language as well.

  • Randall Koutnik

    Hey, I might need to have a baby with me for the first two hours – will that work (can figure something out if not)

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