White Death

White Death
  • Sat Oct 14, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Kirsten Hageleit
  • Blackbox LARP
  • Open Door policy, Other (OK check)
  • Santa Rosa (Larp)
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White Death (Hvit død, by Nina Runa Essendrop and Simon Steen Hansen) is an abstract, completely non-verbal blackbox LARP focused on physical play. It portrays an allegorical story of settlers who try to make a community, but are stymied by their own limitations, until one by one they die in the snow—and are then transformed.

This LARP is built from limited physical movement, simple characters, and symbolic props, and uses theatrical lighting and a dramatic soundscape to explore themes of community, conflict, grief, and joy.

Players are introduced to the LARP and create characters during a 2 hour physical workshop; the LARP itself runs for about 1 hour, and there will be a debrief in the time remaining.

During the workshop, various styles of movement are explored by the players, before they create characters from randomly drawn limitations on their movements and relationships based on preconceptions of others. (Players with physical limitations can play; we will modify as needed.)

When the LARP begins, play cycles between musical periods, where players engage with the symbolic objects and each other, and “snowstorms” where characters slowly die from the elements. After death, the players are transformed into “White Ones” who discard their sorrows and physical limitations, while yet attempting to free those who still hang on. By the end, everyone has been changed.

Tags: Dark, Emotional, Exploration, Freeform, Melancholy Abstract, Non-verbal, Black Box, Nordic, Cooperative play,

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