When the Dark is Gone

When the Dark is Gone
  • Sun Oct 13, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Aaron Reed
  • When the Dark is Gone
  • Adult Themes
  • therapy; childhood trauma; debilitating psychological disorders; harmful behaviors
  • Open Door policy, Banned topics list
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  • Created at the table


Imagine the children in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. They visited a magical land, fought battles alongside talking animals and centaurs, and won a war against a powerful and evil enemy. Then they returned home, no one believed them, and they were back to war time rations and maths homework.

What does that feel like? How did they live with the memories of what they saw?

Did they end up in therapy?

When the Dark is Gone (from the Seven Wonders anthology) is a roleplay-heavy game about a playing messed-up adults in a group therapy session, struggling to reconcile the half-forgotten memories of an impossible childhood with their current very real-world issues. We’ll create the characters and a few details of the fantasy world they once visited and can never again return to, but once the game begins, we’ll stay in character the whole time, with the GM acting as “Therapist.”

We will use several safety mechanisms to make sure everyone at the table feels comfortable, including a list of off-limits topics, but note that this is a mature game that will get into some heavy material: please be willing to treat it seriously and respectfully.

Tags: Collaborative, Drama, Emotional, Fantasy, Improv, Melancholy, Modern, Potentially triggering*, Serious

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