Well, That’s Just Super

Well, That's Just Super
  • Sat Oct 6, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Dennison A. Milenkaya
  • Mutants & Masterminds 3rd
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For three weeks, Captain Capital has been missing. His heroic team, the Capital Crusaders, are suffering as a result. They are not working together, like a long-standing team should. They lack their moral compass and motivator. Depression and anxiety has doused their morale. But the city still needs heroes. Now, perhaps, more than ever. Villains, left unpatrolled, are getting bolder in their exploits. Crime runs amok. The citizens need to see heroes in action to believe that everything will work out. Out of nowhere, the first and only clue as to Captain Capital’s disappearance surfaces. Bolstered by the hope that he’s alive, that he can be found, that he didn’t vanish without a trace, the team snaps back into action. But there is so much work to do! The team must decide amongst itself if they will attempt to track down their missing leader, if they will smack down the villains in a show of force, if they will help the people more directly by answering emergency calls normally left to police, fire, and EMT, or if they will simply hire out their super powers to the highest bidder–after all, running a headquarters and maintaining tricked-out vehicles isn’t cheap. This adventure is true interactive story-telling. The players have a greater control over their fate because they do not merely decide how their characters react to problematic situations–they have an active hand in determining what situations they become involved in.


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