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Amy McClure Echeverri
  • RPG
System: Cyberpunk (GM rules light)
Date: Oct 28 10:00am (6 hours)
Room: 2104 (19)
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy,Script Change,Cut/Brake
Characters: Provided
The State's been smashed and the mega-corps have taken over. You are a part of the system because it's the only way you know of so far to take good care of your neighborhood. Then CRIME assigns you a terrible project. But there's light and joy because you're family and you've turned terrible assignments into goodness before. This one can give you the opportunity for allyship and perhaps a new rebellion.

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This game uses a rules-light version of Cyberpunk. Guns and other weapons are de-emphasized.

The emphasis of this game is strongly roleplaying over die-rolling. When you do roll dice, we’ll work together to narrate what happens. Think “yes, and” as well as “no, but” so that we can role play successes and misses.

I welcome you to bring your experiences of race and gender to the characters.

This game is designed to evoke a sense a hope and camaraderie. Think Star Wars not Bladerunner. Bring your lighthearted melodrama and fabulous sense of cyber style. Can you ever have too many color-shifting tattoos?

The game focuses on story and exploring themes of close personal ties and allyship.
Content Advisory!
poverty, marginalization, violence

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