We Shall Engrave Your Names

Jonathan Mendoza
  • RPG
System: Inevitable
Date: TBD
Spaces: 4
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Open Door Policy,Cut/Brake,Script Change,Lines/Veils
Characters: Created at the table
Burnt into the skin of the all-encompassing desert that is the Barren, the last embers of hope smolder in the brazier that is the Kingdom of Myth. Ruled by Boy-King Rubain since the death of his father, King Malavan, Myth struggles to breathe in a world hellbent on choking what life remains in it. But Barren"s most prominent prophet, the Oracle of Carcass, has seen the downfall of Myth: the City will burn, the King will rule no more, and Doom will come for all. It is simply a matter of when.

"We Shall Engrave Your Names" is a short scenario about a Cadre of cowboy knights in the waning moments of the Kingdom of Myth. The Dooms have arrived, the throne sits empty, and a dear friend and comrade is dead. The only thing left of their memory is their gun, Heirloom: an ancient, old thing which they made you swear to return to their hometown. Swear you did; honor-bound to deliver this memento, you walk again across the Barren with your comrades to lay your dearly departed's legacy to rest.

The Inevitable TTRPG is a play-to-lose Arthurian Western roleplaying game from SoulMuppet Publishing.

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