We Begin at the End

We Begin at the End
  • Fri Oct 12, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Matthulhu Steele
  • Invisible Sun
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The clock resets. The moth crawls back into its cocoon. The renewal promised by the Gold Sun isn’t always welcome. Sometimes things should end. Can you stop the rebirth of the Illustrated Messiah?

From Monte Cook Games, Invisible Sun is a roleplaying game of surreal fantasy, secrets, and magic that is truly magical. Wield fabulous powers as you uncover the secrets of reality itself.

Do you think you live in the real world?

You don’t. This world you see around you is Shadow—a world illuminated only by the Grey Sun. You think it is your home, but that’s because you have forgotten your true self. Awaken, and return to the Actuality and Satyrine, the city under the Indigo Sun. You are a vislae, a wielder of fabulous powers and capabilities, a shaper of reality itself. You sought shelter in Shadow to escape the war, but the war is now over and your home has called you back.

This game is the official introductory game first run at Gen Con 2018.

Tags: Adventure, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Exploration, Intrigue, Play to find out, Serious, Suspenseful Surreal Fantasy

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