Tollenkar’s Lair: Part 1

Tollenkar's Lair: Part  1
  • Fri Oct 12, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Ryan Kent
  • The Fantasy Trip
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This will be an old school dungeon crawl in a classic dungeon in honor of the imminent return of The Fantasy Trip to print.

For several months, a bandit gang has been active around the Huldre Forest area. At first, travelers were waylaid and farmhouses robbed; then caravans were raided at night… then even in daytime. Two weeks ago, an entire village was sacked and burned. The survivors described the attackers as being maybe 30 in number, mostly men and orcs. Apparently, none of them used magic.

The attackers left three of their number dead — and one wounded. He lived for almost ten minutes after the returning villagers found him. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to them to ask questions while they were stoning him to death. He talked anyway, of course — quite incoherently. His last words were “Not me! Get them! I’ll tell you where! Get Lamster Hall and…” Or something like that. The locals are now looking for someone named Lamster Hall. The local Duke is very concerned about the situation. He has put a price of 50 gold pieces on the head of each member of the gang — 100 for its leader. The reward is doubled for any bandit brought in for public torture and execution.

The PCs find this whole situation very interesting — the more so since you have one added piece of information. You have come into possession of a very old map of the area. It shows most of the local villages, plus a couple that have vanished… and in the middle of what is now untracked wood, it shows a large manor house named Landmaster Hall. Maybe there’s a connection…

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