To Master the Blade!

To Master the Blade!
  • Sat Oct 12, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Terry Olson
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics
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Inflicted with a life-draining malady, the party seeks the only cure: consuming the heart of a god. Coincidentally (?) a PC’s recently acquired magic sword knows where a god is slowly dying. The blade directs the party to a mysterious island where a violet moonbeam illuminates a distant hill. As the adventurers seek the moonbeam’s destination, the sword proves to be a boon albeit with dangerously addictive power. The PCs gain access to the dying god’s sanctum, but there are signs that the sword may be holding back some essential truths. The only way the party can survive is to master the blade!

This is a playtest for an upcoming Goodman Games DCC RPG adventure. Come sling some dice with the author, get your name listed as a playtester, and help contribute to the adventure’s development!

Tags: Adventure, Combat, Dark, Exploration, Fantasy, Strong storyline

2 comments to To Master the Blade!

  • Ronald Smith

    Thanks for the word, Terry. Another time!

  • Terry Olson

    Hello players. Unfortunately the PG&E outages have disrupted my family and job sufficiently that I cannot attend the con and run this event. I’m so sorry about this. I appreciate you signing up for the game and absolutely hate to cancel on you, but it must be done. I hope you’re able to find another game.

    Terry Olson

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