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Congratulations Citizen and welcome to Alpha Complex! Your new job will be $JOBNOTFOUND, working with the finest $TEAMNOTFOUND in order to [REDACTED]. Failure will result in termination. Good luck!

PARANOIA is an RPG cross between Karl Marx and the Marx brothers. You’re a citizen of Alpha Complex, a massive city-sized underground bunker run by Friend Computer. You are a Troubleshooter, tasked with finding trouble and shooting it. Fun facts about PARANOIA include:

  • As part of character creation, you’re given a mutation and a membership in a secret society.
  • Being a mutant or a member of a secret society is punishable by death.
  • Fun is Mandatory!

(Don’t worry, you’ll have six clones to go through)

Be prepared for four whacky hours of puns, tropes, and absolute loyalty to Friend Computer. Probably.

Trust No-One! Stay Alert! Keep Your Laser Handy!

Tags: Comical, Cyberpunk, Hijinx, Improv, Light, Player antagonism, Sci-Fi, Silly, Strong storyline, Super Powers candy

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