The Zone

Dan Shimizu
  • RPG
System: The Zone
Date: Sep 30
8:00pm (duration 4:00)
Room: 2013 (5)
Spaces: 5
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Open Door Policy
Characters: Created at the table
Collaborative, story-telling with assigned characters, GMLESS system.

THE ZONE is a journey into a place of beauty and horror that only one character will survive, inspired by Annihilation, Stalker, Roadside Picnic, Uzumaki, and the SCP Foundation. Collaborative, story-telling with characters, GMLESS system.

This is a game about mutating deeply flawed characters to bring them face-to-face with their deepest phobias and obsessions. Characters are defined in just a few minutes from the thing they want most and their greatest fear, and every part of the game is designed to push a wedge into their psyche to confront them with who they really are.... This is a place where beauty and horror coexist. You will shape the world by going through it. The Zone shows you what you most need to see.

This is not a power fantasy. This is a game where you play-to-lose, knowing that your fate was already decided at the start. Only one of you will make it, but every single one of you will be pushed to the brink of your capacities. In the Zone, the mutations you face are created together, drawn from your character's worst fears and deepest wishes. You get to make your own horrors. You and your friends will be telling stories.

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Date: Sep 30
8:00pm (duration 4:00)
Spaces: 5

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