The White Chapel Fiend

  • Fri Oct 7, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Michael Garcia
  • Don't Rest Your Head
  • Pregenerated Character
  • This is a story about a serial murderer and the slums of victorian London, I will pull no punches.
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I cannot sleep, I have not eaten anything in the last two days, and I cannot give up this case. He is on the loose, carving up women like some depraved butcher, and no one can stop him, except me. Some think he is finished, moved on, or dead, but I know better. He has only just begun. That is what they tell me, his victims, they do not speak to me but they keep coming, new ones, every month or so. They stare at me with their lifeless eyes. They will not let me rest until I find him.
I know his secret now, he is not a man, but a monster. Between worlds he walks to do his gruesome work. I have found his den, a mad city, which mirrors the senselessness of our own. So I depart this world and cross into his. I must put a stop to this madness, or those poor girls will never stop watching me with their cold, empty eyes.

Final Journal Entry of Inspector Legrange Scotland Yard
Dated September 12, 1889


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