The Watch of Wastburg

  • Sun Oct 18, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Yann K.
  • Wastburg
  • All ages
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The guard of Wastburg is here to watch the streets of city, to protect the peace and serve the citizen. But this is not always easy to solve crimes and prevent trouble when bribery and deliquescence are holding the city together.

Wastburg is a dense medieval city on the river between 2 countries, the serious northern Waelmer kingdom, and the disorganized sunny southern Loritanie. The merchants from all over the place are trading in the markets and the docks, and the Mageers rule this free city, even since the magic faded out.

Style : Cops stories in the mud and with a hint of “Ankh Morpork” from Terry Pratchett.
System : The Freeform/Universal RPG. Light resolution system, and trouble making oriented.
Publisher : The game from Cedric Ferrand was published in french by “12 singes”, transposed for you in english.

Tags: All ages, Fantasy, Investigation, Noir, Suspenseful

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