The TTRPG Creation Pipeline: From Ideation to Publication

Kage, Eve
  • Practicum
  • Seminar
Date: Apr 1
4:10am (duration 00:50)
Have you ever wanted to create TTRPG content for publication but you weren't sure where to start? Tune into this session as Eve and Kage chat about some great resources for starting your creation journey from ideation to publication. Learn about how to become a Roll20 partner, DriveThruRPG publisher, or creator for your some of your favorite systems.


Kage (she/her) is a streamer, podcaster, freelance TTRPG writer and layout designer, and community manager. She is the Community Relations Representative for Roll20, Community Manager for Storytelling Collective, and Events Coordinator for the Kansas City Community Meetup. You can find more about her streams, podcasts, and publications on her website:

Eve (they/them) is a member of the Fragging Unicorn Games development team and a content conversion Producer with Roll20. They have entirely too many cats and spend most of their waking moments playing, thinking about, or working on games. Especially OSR games.

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