The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf
  • Sat Oct 13, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Toby Seltsam
  • Custom
  • Adult Themes
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  • Sacramento (39)
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The Free Animal Republic of Macdonald (F.A.R.M.) Presents the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, to be Immediately Followed by His Execution, in Celebration of Our First Anniversary

This is the full title of the game.

One year ago, Old MacDonald’s farm animals rose up against him, threw off the chains of agricultural oppression, and founded the overtly fascist Free Animals’ Republic of MacDonald. Today, on the first anniversary of that glorious revolution, the F.A.R.M. is holding a gala ball in celebration, culminating in the trial of a most notorious criminal.

But in the background, shadows lurk. Rumors fly that someone is running the illegal drugs Curds and Whey. The police are looking into talk of a prostitution ring. Why is Big Bird nowhere to be found? And who is this mysterious Chicken Little that nobody wants to talk about?

Note: This event replaces “The Issola’s Birthday.”

Tags: Comical, Drama, Fantasy, Intrigue, Investigation, Mystery, Provocative, Serious, Strong storyline, Suspenseful

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12 comments to The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

  • Lisa Nelson

    I know I’m signing up pretty late but did you want me to fill out the survey still?

  • Toby Seltsam

    The first round of character sheets has been sent out. If you’re signed up and would like to be precast but have not submitted a survey, it’s not too late – please send it in and I’ll see which characters are left who match up well. Otherwise, I’ll be distributing the remaining character sheets at the convention.

  • Toby Seltsam

    Initial character assignments have gone out to people who submitted surveys and are booked for this game. If you have not received a character assignment, please contact me and I’ll figure out why not.

  • Adam Flynn

    I’m potentially interested, but would have to leave before 5 (am running something 5-6.) Are there roles that have an early exit (possibly as a result of being purged?)

  • Jordan

    How fortuitous! I’ve done mock trials before, but always wanted to do one with fascist overtones. Glory to F.A.R.M, traitorous dogs!

  • Toby Seltsam

    I’m waiting to get information on how to send emails to each of you so that I can directly email you the questionnaire. In the meantime, if you are still interested in playing and see this post, please go to and fill that out. There’s no need to fill it out twice if you receive an email from me about it. Please try to reply by 11 P.M. on 10/8, since we’re running a bit short on time.

  • Toby Seltsam

    Hey everyone!

    As you may have noticed, the Issola game has been replaced with ‘The Trial’, a 5-12 player game from the LARPA GameBank. If you have played in this before and would be willing to help me run the game (or you’d just rather GM if the game doesn’t involve Dragaera), I would be very appreciative of your help. I’ll be putting together YAS (yet another survey) to quickly gauge what roles players might work best in, as well as to verify your interest in the game. Thank you for your patience!

  • Markus

    I regret that I have to cancel this event.

    I work in the entertainment industry and what was suppose to be a 4 hour gig on Friday turned into a 9 hour gig on Saturday that has now rolled into six days of 10+ hour days for a show. Although I will have Saturday off, I do not see myself having the time nor energy to finish up the game to an enjoyable event.

    I was looking forward to this larp and it pains me to not be able to run it. My sincerest apologies if this causes any issues or sorrow.


  • Markus

    i have been told that my survey had been shut down too soon. If you have registered and NOT filled out the survey, please feel free to do so – I’ve reopened it. PLEASE include at least your name if not also your email address. I’m building the characters based upon your responses specifically for your so it would be nice to send a copy of the character a week early before the game.

    • Markus

      And if you have filled out the survey but didn’t leave any contact info, if you can give me some hints to your character (preferred house and RL home city) I might be able to figure your location out. Just noticed someone signed in from Ireland so probably not making the game… 😉

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