The Third Dream Gate

  • Sun Oct 6, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Jim Sullivan, Kimmi Allbee, and Renee Ritchie
  • Cthulhu Live
  • Adult themes
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Convolution 2013 Gates of Horn and Ivory: The Realms of Dream presents The Third Dream Gate!

It’s rush week at Miskatonic University and 16 students are pledging to the coed fraternity Iota Delta Omega. They find themselves trapped in the fraternity’s game room playing the Doom That Came to Atlantic City and soon discover it is much more than a simple board game! Before long they are all caught in the convoluted machinations of the rulers of the Dreamlands.

**Note** Some of the characters in the Cthulhu Live LARP will be playing the board game the Doom That Came to Atlantic City, which will be integral to the plot of the game. No familiarity with either game is necessary for participating in this LARP.

Additional game tags: Puzzles & riddles, Gender neutral characters, LGBT/QUILTBAG friendly, Inexperienced players welcome

Tags: Adult themes, Collaborative, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Horror, Intrigue, Investigation, PG-13, Player antagonism, Strong storyline, Suspenseful

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