The Super Job

  • Fri Oct 14, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Chris Angelini
  • Leverage
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The famous and powerful, they take what they want. You steal it back. When the Earth’s greatest superteam announced their plans to revolutionize the protection of the planet, nobody thought that it would involve turning the world into one big surveillance state. There’s one woman who knows the backdoor into this super panopticon: the woman who built the whole system in the first place. Only problem? She’s in ‘protective’ custody on a satellite orbiting high above you! But you and your team of grifters, con-men, second-story people and hackers are the best at what you do. And what you do best is to steal things from under the nose of the powerful!

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Drama, Hijinx, Intrigue, Investigation, Light, Super Powers

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