The Summer Leaf Tournament

The Summer Leaf Tournament
  • Sat Oct 6, 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Shannon Mac
  • King Arthur Pendragon 4th edition
  • Adult Themes
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Pendragon is a blend of Arthurian Literature and 6th century Brittanic History with some updates to suit a 21st century audience (i.e. female knights). Possible focuses (or multiple focuses) are dependent on the dynamics of the group but can include: investigation, tournament extravaganzas, romance, exploration and good old fashioned combat for a good cause.

Personality traits and passions (for those who have played the game) will be used. Each PC will be in love with another PC at the table (character portraits supplied).

The Summer Leaf Tournament draws thousands upon thousands of people to Camelot where Lady Guenevur awards a bowl of summer leaves, said to be blessed by the Fae, to a number of fortunate victors. But the tourney is about so much more than the actual tournament and certain dark secrets may very well be revealed or kept at the expense of others’ lives.

An ailing Lord Humphrey, emotionally connected to each of your characters, begs for your assistance on a personal matter and unknown to all of your characters Camelot may never be the same again.

For those interested you can see how a shorter version of the game went here at Minicon and my latest news:


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