The Skein of the Blackbone Bride

The Skein of the Blackbone Bride
  • Fri Oct 13, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Matthulhu Steele
  • Numenéra
  • Open Door policy
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A Simple Mission into the Black Riage. . . “No cypher unturned.” That’s the motto of the Slying Seskiis, a group whose members can hunt down, break down, or recover anything or anyone from anywhere. As members of the group, you’ll be traveling into the Black Riage, the dangerous mountain range that forms the eastern boundary of the Steadfast, to bring home the body of a wealthy patron’s deceased daughter. It’s a task almost beneath your skills. But perhaps there’s more to this commission than meets the eye?

Numenéra is based on the Cypher system, also used in The Strange.

Note: “Skein of the Blackbone Bride” was the official GenCon 2016 Numenéra event, now a published adventure.

Tags: Adult, Adventure, Beginners, Combat, Drama, Exploration, Fantasy, Hijinx, Intrigue, Play to find out, Sci-Fi, Serious Weird

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