The Park at Dark

The Park at Dark
  • Fri Oct 11, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Steven Drouin
  • Trail of Cthulhu (GUMSHOE)
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You are cordially invited to attend “The Park at Dark”, a once in a lifetime event at Walt’s magical kingdom in sunny Southern California. The event brings together a few of the worlds most aspiring minds in a collaborative competition of mystery, cunning, and wit, with a life changing surprise at the end! If you are able to attend, [this Trail of Cthulhu mystery/horror RPG] please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

I do not run pulp-y Cthulhu games. You are sacks of hair, meat, and bone, thrust into an increasingly incomprehensible situations, with relatively little hope of surviving whole. As such, emphasis is placed on uncovering the mystery at hand and interacting with your fellow investigators.

Tags: Dark, Horror, Mystery, Strong storyline

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