The Moon Falls

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  • April Walsh
  • The Starlit Kingdom
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It seemed the Moon Queendom would last forever, presiding over the lush and verdant Moon that shone over the Earth. The people of the Moon used their magic to help the people of Earth, and each of the Planetary Guardians held the light and magic of her mother planet, ready to defend the Queendom.

But, as you know, the Moon lies barren. Only dust remains of the noble and mighty Queendom, and only dust remains of those sworn to protect it.

We will tell the story of a time when hope was not yet lost, when love and courage and loyalty were tested to the breaking point, and when, in the end, the Moon fell.

In The Starlit Kingdom, players take on the role of a Planetary Guardian of the Moon, doomed to fail, or an Elemental Captain of the Earth, doomed to betray their oath and succumb to the corruption that has taken root on Earth. As we rotate the focus among the characters, each player will have a chance to narrate for the antagonists and to tempt and push our heroes as the worlds spin out of control around them and the struggle to protect what they love.

For more info on The Starlit Kingdom by Anna Kreider:

Tags: Collaborative, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Fantasy, GM-less, Intrigue, Melancholy, Play to find out, Romance, Rotating authority tragedy

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5 comments to The Moon Falls

  • I’m looking forward to this! I’ve wanted to play Polaris for ages, never had the chance, and the premise of this derivative of it sounds interesting. (I might just have to watch the above anime myself. ^.^)

    Do you know offhand how similar the Starlit Kingdom rules are mechanically to Polaris?

    • Nope, never played Polaris.

      • Just picked up the Starlit Kingdom PDF and cross-compared. They’re mechanically almost identical (which is great). There are some new elements like the Discord track, the Values are slightly different, and there are two factions (earth and moon) rather than just the knights, but conflicts use the same key phrases.

        The “Play Flowchart” from might be a useful reference alongside the Appendix 4 key phrase list, if Starlit Kingdom doesn’t provide anything similar.

  • I am considering rewatching Please Save My Earth in prep for this game XD

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