The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home
  • Fri Oct 13, 2:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Steve Kani
  • Serenity
  • Open Door policy, Script Change
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“The Long Way Home” is a Serenity Roleplaying Game and is set in the Firefly universe before the Unification War.

We will be playing through the entire adventure and will break for dinner at 6:00.

The crew of the CL-54 cargo lifter Distant Shore is down and out and totally broke. Jobs have been few and far between. Desperate for anything that pays, your Captain, Lewis Johnson, has accepted the job of transporting the body of one Darius Dawson from the mudball known as Higgins’ Moon to his family on Haven. Seems simple enough and the money is good. What could possibly go wrong?

Tags: Adventure, Beginners, Sci-Fi

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